Desdemona by Toni Morrison and Rokia Traoré with Tina Benko
Directed by Peter Sellars
Original content from Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA

“This is a remarkable, challenging and bravely original work.”

The Guardian (U.K.)


Time Location
October 11th, 2015
Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA
Ralph Freud Playhouse
245 Charles E Young Dr E
Los Angeles, CA 90095
November 16th, 2015
7:30 p.m.
Shakespeare Theatre Company: Lansburgh Theatre
450 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

Desdemona is the most fiery angel in Shakespeare’s creation—a radiant and radical woman of independence courage and love. She is now given an astonishing and provocative further voice by Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, who reveals secrets in Othello that will change forever our reading of the play. In a time outside of time we discover the other African in Shakespeare’s play—Barbary, the nurse who raised Desdemona on African stories and songs, stunningly embodied by the great Malian singer Rokia Traoré.

As women’s voices fill the night air, we are in an intimate, spellbinding theatrical séance, both haunted and liberating, that moves in words and music across continents and centuries, connecting Elizabethan England to the Courts of Timbuktu to the future of the race—the human race—on this earth.

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